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DanSit is a form of dance/movement that aims to provide participants with creative expression through the experience of the joy of movement. Greater flexibility, coordination and muscle strength are developed during the sessions.

DanSit offers further integration of body and mind. Sessions consist of a gentle warm up, breathing, postural integration, coordinated movement, dance sequences, improvisation and conclude with a relaxation (guided imagery). Classes are progressive in nature, becoming more challenging each week. DanSit may be helpful in lowering blood pressure and can include increase in wellbeing, increasing endurance, confidence, stress reduction and strengthening of cognitive functioning.

Chair dance is great for everyone as well as those with mobility and balance problems.

DanSit is a safe and secure way to strengthen the mind and body connection. Through playful, expressive movement participants become engaged, stimulated and happier. Such benefits have been documented in research findings in the U.K., Canada and the United States.


Katrina designed “DanSit with Katrina” in 2012 and has passionately taught these classes to numerous facilities in Victoria, British Columbia: recreation centres, assisted living and complex care homes. In 2014 a performance dance group originated. Participants choreographed their own dance/movements. The students were empowered to offer demonstrations to residents.

Katrina continues to research the benefits of dance and aging. Katrina’s avid interest in the benefits of dance and aging were presented to the University of Victoria.

DanSit classes are offered as a weekly series from 8 weeks to 6 months or longer. One to one sessions are also available.

Presenter at the First National Symposium in Dance and Wellbeing, Toronto, 2016

In 2011 Senior Living published the following article: DanSit in Victoria B.C..

In 2017 Sage-ing the journal for creative aging published the following article on pages 28-29: Saging #24 Summer/Fall 2017.

Oak Bay News promoted complimentary classes held at Oak Bay United Church in June, 2015 in the following article. complimentary DanSit in Victoria BC

Chair Dance Classes:

The following video produced by Shaw TV about Chair Dance in Victoria.

DanSit Testimonials

You’re a good leader…we’re fortunate to have you. We always feel so much better after your class.
Understanding of residents’ needs…Katrina facilitated…with respect for the participant, teaching with enthusiasm and encouragement.


…dedicated and enthusiastic teacher.
increases in endurance by participants…creates an open learning environment…increases confidence.


let’s give her a hand.