Welcome. Here you will find information about Companion Services and DanSit (Chair Dance) for Victoria, B.C. Canada.


Katrina Pavlovsky offers integrative services In Companion Services.  She provides  her clients with a personalized, customized service that can include activities for stimulation, outings, meal preparation and supportive counselling.

She also teaches DanSit (previously chair dance) classes to seniors in facilities throughout Victoria, B.C.  As a dance/movement educator, Katrina nurtures the inherent potential within each person through her style of teaching.

DanSit consists of dance/movements while sitting in a chair. Included is breathing, posture exercises, a warm up, combinations and improvisation. A session concludes with relaxation and guided imagery.

The dance/movements are designed to ease stress, to stimulate and to offer an experience of the joy of movement.